Catalyst Trader

In Catalyst Trader, Callum Newman shows you how to aim for short-term trading profits using the most intuitive and powerful tactic he knows…anticipating company announcements.

If you’ve seen or heard about a stock rising 10, 20, 30 — even 50% in a day, it likely came off the back on the release of ‘good news’.

Hundreds of these announcements happen every day on the ASX. These can bring powerful momentum and volume into each individual stock and create tradeable opportunities.

These announcements could be in the form of a profit upgrade, a significant resource discovery, a successful drug trial, new client wins — anything that raises the expected profit or growth of the stock. But you must have your position in the stock BEFORE any announcement hits the market.

Here’s just one example from thousands…

ASX small-cap Bigtincan Holdings Ltd [ASX:BTH] jumped more than 20% on 22 January 2020 after releasing its quarterly report.

Six trading days later, it rose another 25% on 31 January after announcing a new $6 million contract.

Companies must release these ‘price sensitive’ announcements under the ASX listing rules to keep their investors informed of company developments.

Callum’s knowledge of how, where and when these announcements occur, along with forensic research of the companies themselves, is designed to help you make quick-fire trades just as stocks are primed to release these kinds of announcements.

However, this sort of speculative trading can be risky. Catalyst Trader is also designed to help you trade (or avoid) negative catalysts.

Nobody wants to log into their broking account to find themselves down 20% in a day. But that’s what can happen when bad news hits the market. Many investors bear the brunt of these down moves in every month of every year.

Think of an earnings downgrade, asset write down or loss of a key customer. The market hates these…and will dump the stock in a flash.

Catalyst Trader is designed to help you trade stocks primed to release positive news…and out of stocks that are set to disappoint.

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Whenever a trade or update alert is necessary.
How much capital should I have to get started?
That’s totally up to you depending on your risk tolerance (but only invest with money you could afford to lose in the worst-case scenario).
What will we be recommending?
Small-cap stocks.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
1 week to 3 months (but that can vary depending on market conditions).

Callum Newman originally studied Journalism before deciding financial markets were far more fascinating. Ever since, he’s been studying to discover why stock, commodity, and real estate markets move like they do. He’s responsible for launching some our most followed and contrarian investment advisories — and has a great trading record too.

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Reviews & Testimonials

‘I have found Catalyst Trader to be an excellent service, Callum provides considerable and timely information.
I have made good returns on most completed trades, and open trades are mostly in the money.’

Tom C

‘Callum is awesome... I have already paid my subscription and heading at doubling it.’