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Put the incredible power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to work in your trading account with our weekly buy signals.

Callum Newman
Editor, Small-Cap Systems

Every trader always faces the same dilemma.

You only have so much money. You also want the highest probability trades with the lowest risk. But there are over 2,000 stocks on the ASX.

How do you narrow down the highest potential trades from the rest?

Here at Small-Cap Systems, we believe the best trading methodology is based on positive momentum. We want to capture shares as they rise in price. We also believe the most ‘alpha’ available is the small-cap sector of the ASX. Small-caps are high risk, but when they move, they can do so quickly, up or down.

The best way we know how to identify this is using a cutting-edge system leveraging AI and machine learning to pinpoint potential opportunities…even in difficult market conditions.

Every day our algorithm sifts through market data and price action, analysing momentum in three key ways: pure price momentum, volatility reduction, and sector outperformance.

Every week, Small-Cap Systems condenses this into a shortlist of high probability trades.

However, while systems excel at data analysis, they don’t have an understanding of context. That’s where I come in. I can filter out the obvious ‘false signals’ and shares with unacceptable levels of risk.

Every Monday I provide my subscribers with the highest potential trades, based on my analysis, including an entry price, a buy-up-to limit, and a stop loss for each trade signaling. And once we’re in, I’m constantly monitoring the trade for you…

And when the time comes, I’ll let you know when to exit the trade…or tighten our trailing stop loss.

Of course, the decision to trade ultimately rests with you. You retain full control over your portfolio, with the option to follow, modify or disregard my recommendations as you see fit.

This ‘man and machine’ approach to trading offers a unique opportunity to tap into cutting-edge strategies without the need for extensive expertise. As your dedicated trading partner, I’m committed to delivering regular high-potential opportunities, ensuring your investment journey is both informed and hopefully profitable.

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If there’s an important story in the news, this will be translated to you and what it could mean for your investments in these regular communications. Callum will also use this opportunity to update you on open trades, alert you if it’s time to sell a stock and take profits or limit any losses, and share new trading opportunities on his radar.

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About Callum Newman

Callum Newman originally studied communications (journalism) before deciding financial markets were far more fascinating than anything Marshall McLuhan ever came up with.
Ever since, he’s been studying to discover why stock, commodity, and real estate markets move like they do.

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Small-cap stocks.


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