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If you don’t know who you are, this is an expensive place to find out.
Adam Smith (pseudonym for George Goodman), The Money Game

Greg Canavan
Editor, Fat Tail Investment Advisory

The Fat Tail Investment Advisory offers stock recommendations with the aim of significantly outperforming typical ‘buy-and-hold’ investors.

But this isn’t a ‘trading service’. Greg’s focus is to pick fundamentally good quality businesses trading at an attractive price.

He does this by making a conservative estimate of a company’s intrinsic value, only recommending members buy when the market price is below this estimate of value.

In this way, Greg ensures members don’t overpay or buy into expensive ‘hot stocks’.

The Fat Tail Investment Advisory primarily focuses on stocks that are a part of the ASX 200 index.

He’s not searching for the next big speculative boom. Instead, this service focuses on larger, quality stocks that have often momentarily fallen out of favour with investors, and therefore represent good long-term value.

In bullish markets, opportunities are sparse. But in bearish or volatile markets, there are always good companies trading at an attractive price.

This service has generated strong and consistent returns for subscribers since its inception in late 2014. In June 2024, the average gain per recommendation over this time frame was 19%.

About Fat Tail Investment Advisory

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These are Greg’s best opportunities for the next few years. You’ll see that you don’t need to speculate on tiny stocks. You can get capital growth and healthy dividends from everyday stocks, if you know where to look..

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About Greg Canavan

Greg Canavan is the editorial director of Fat Tail Investment Research and editor of flagship investment letter Fat Tail Investment Advisory. This service focuses on valuation analysis and charting to find compelling opportunities in the stock market.
According to Greg, most people get into trouble in the markets by succumbing to their biases or holding on to their views despite being wrong. He believes investors need to put their ego aside, understand  their biases, and listen to what the market is truly saying.

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Publication Overview

Weekly, with stock recommendations only when the market provides good opportunities.

That’s up to you, depending on your own circumstances. Still, this service is great for beginner investors, retirees, and those looking to build a solid mid- to long-term portfolio of stocks.

Large- and mid-cap stocks.


At least one year and often more. This is a mid- to long-term service.