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If you believe geopolitics move financial markets, then you need to know what Jim Rickards is predicting will happen next.

Jim Rickards

Nick Hubble
Editor, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Australia is a monthly communique that connects private investors from around the world…as part of Jim Rickards’ global network.

New York Times bestselling author, Jim has spent more than 35 years at the heart of investment banking, international economics, and the political and national intelligence communities.

As an adviser to the US Department of Defense, Jim served as a facilitator of the first-ever financial war games conducted by the Pentagon.

He has developed a revolutionary way of looking at the financial system and stock markets.

The aim of Strategic Intelligence Australia is for Jim — along with Australian editor Nick Hubble — to help you connect the dots between geopolitical and financial events to pre-empt crises and position yourself early for investment opportunities.

Jim has a long list of contacts in the upper echelons of foreign and domestic governments, central banks, national intelligence communities, and Wall Street.

He’ll be your eyes and ears on the global stage, giving you insight into almost every global network that impacts your wealth and wellbeing on a regular basis.

Nick Hubble, an esteemed macro analyst in his own right, will provide an Australian lens through which you can conceptualise the direct effect global economics will have on your wealth.

Jim and Nick  are on a mission to help everyday investors like you cut through the deception you’re being fed by political figures…avoid the next financial collapse…and take advantage of opportunities many others won’t hear about until it’s too late…

What you’ll get

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Access to Jim Rickards’ Fat Tail portfolio

This portfolio is a combination of assets that aims to make the ongoing chaos manageable — even PROFITABLE — for you going forward.

The team will provide targeted recommendations, which take into account inflation, the supply chain crunch, war in various parts of the world, the food crisis, gold miners, the pivot to nuclear power, weakening stock markets, and much more…

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For decades, Jim Rickards has been the analyst called on to strategise what happens next while the world seems to be going berserk. Now, you have the opportunity to access all of his intel via a one-year subscription to Strategic Intelligence Australia.

Regular updates and analysis

Strategic Intelligence Australia is a powerful weapon at your disposal. Most Australian investors are being led down a terrible path right now. Much of what you’re being fed as sound advice is simply wrong. You need a different path. Every month, Jim and Nick will provide you with a nimble approach to asset allocation as momentous events rock the financial and geopolitical worlds.

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About Nick Hubble

Nick Hubble is delighted to work as editor for Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Australia. Here he helps turn Jim’s big-picture views into specific actionable advice and ideas for Australian investors.

Nick saw the true nature of the investment banking business in 2008 from inside Wall Street’s most notorious bank, Goldman Sachs. Soon after, he decided to find somewhere he could give honest, hard-hitting investment advice in an unshackled way. He found Fat Tail Investment Research in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.

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Publication Overview

Monthly, with a weekly briefing from Jim Rickards.

You may have an established portfolio…or you may just be starting out. Strategic Intelligence Australia is primarily macroeconomic and geopolitically focused, to help guide your investment decisions from a very high level.

Predominantly ASX 200 stocks, ETFs and gold. There may be a more speculative play when we think it’s warranted, as well as the odd international investment, but they will primarily be stocks or ETFs.


Two to three years or more.