Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Australia is a monthly communique that connects private investors from around the world…as part of Jim Rickards’ global network.

Jim Rickards is no ordinary financial newsletter writer…and Strategic Intelligence Australia is no ordinary financial newsletter.

New York Times bestselling author of The New Great Depression, The Road to Ruin, Currency Wars, The Death of Money, and The New Case for Gold, Jim has spent more than 35 years at the heart of investment banking, international economics, and the political and national intelligence communities.

As an adviser on international economics and financial threats to the US Department of Defense, Jim served as a facilitator of the first-ever financial war games conducted by the Pentagon.

He’s developed a revolutionary way of looking at the financial system and stock markets.

The aim of Strategic Intelligence Australia is for Jim — along with Australian Editor Nick Hubble — to help you connect the dots between geopolitical and financial events to pre-empt crises and position yourself early for investment opportunities.

And with the Australian Gold Fund founder and manager Brian Chu as Investment Director for the Strategic Intelligence Australia team, these investment opportunities will be provided regularly.

Intelligence communities are populated by those with privileged access to sensitive information. Information most regular people don’t have access to.

When you join Strategic Intelligence Australia, you get an in to Jim and his team’s strategic network, privy to some of the most exclusive macro-financial research and insight available today.

Jim has a long list of contacts in the upper echelons of foreign and domestic governments, central banks, national intelligence communities, and Wall Street.

With a subscription to Strategic Intelligence Australia, Jim will be your eyes and ears on the global stage, giving you insight into almost every global network that impacts your wealth and well-being on a regular basis.

Nick Hubble, an esteemed macro analyst in his own right, will provide an Australian lens through which you can conceptualise the direct effect global economics will have on your wealth.

And Brian Chu will manage the Strategic Intelligence Australia portfolio, ensuring readers are able to make informed investment decisions based on information other investors may take months — even years — to catch on to. This includes using his experience in investing in gold and resources stocks to take advantage of the coming boom in precious metals and other commodities. Brian’s investment thesis is based on his belief that the fiat currency system is fraudulent and faces an imminent day of reckoning. He believes that when this occurs, gold and precious metals will finally reach their true value, which could be well above today’s price.

Jim, Nick, and Brian are on a mission to help everyday investors like you cut through the deception you’re being fed by political figures…avoid the next financial collapse…

and take advantage of opportunities many others won’t hear about until it’s too late…

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Monthly, with a weekly briefing from Jim Rickards.
How much capital should I have to get started?
You may have a large established portfolio…or you may just be starting out. Strategic Intelligence Australia is primarily macroeconomic and geopolitically focused, to help guide your investment decisions from a very high level.
What will we be recommending?
Predominantly ASX 200 stocks, ETFs and gold. There may be a more speculative play when we think it’s warranted, as well as the odd international investment, but they will primarily be stocks or ETFs.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
2–3 years or more.

Jim Rickards is The New York Times bestselling author of The New Great Depression, The Road to Ruin, Currency Wars, The Death of Money, and The New Case for Gold. He’s spent over 35 years at the heart of investment banking, international economics, and the political and national intelligence communities.

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Nick Hubble discovered the true nature of investment banking in 2008 after a stint inside Goldman Sachs. He soon decided to find somewhere he could give unshackled advice. He found us in 2010. Nick holds Finance, Economics, and Law degrees from Bond University. He’s also a flying trapeze artist.

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