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Mining: Phase One

The bigger the bust…the larger the subsequent boom must be — that’s the key driving force behind a commodity super cycle.

James Cooper
Editor, Mining: Phase One

Since starting out as a geologist in 2008, James Cooper has experienced all the ups and downs in the mining industry. He has become acutely aware of the sector’s dramatic cyclical boom-to-bust nature.

However, according to James, cutting back investment in development sets the stage for the next boom cycle. That’s where James sees this sector moving over the coming years.

Why? Over the last 15 years, miners have been reluctant to spend cash on exploration or development.

Now, there’s nothing particularly unusual about this… Commodity cycles have always operated in this way.

As we witnessed in the early 2000s boom, periods of intense investment activity drive a wave of development activity and new spending on capital expenditure. Invariably, this sets up the market for surplus supply and lower prices.

Consequently, new investment dries up; miners cut back development plans…and production plateaus. These conditions have now been in place for over a decade.

While exploration activity is ticking up, deep underinvestment over the last decade will result in long-term consequences. That’s because it takes around 15 years to move a deposit from discovery to production.

So, what’s the consequence today? Investment activity must catch up to meet the gap in future supply.

But spurring miners into action will require much higher commodity prices. That incentive promotes development and, ultimately, more supply. And so, the cycle turns.

So, how will Mining: Phase One aim to help you capture opportunities in this next boom wave?

As a geologist on the ground, James experienced firsthand the deep recession in commodity markets from 2012 to 2021.

Because of that, James believes investment must play catch-up in a big way, or else severe shortages come into play. Yet, despite holding ageing deposits, the world’s largest miners have been slow to react.

That’s why James sees enormous opportunities in junior mining stocks…companies searching for new deposits. Yet, even then, only a small handful of junior mining stocks will surge on this set-up. Investing in these companies carries high risk.

So, how do you stack the odds in your favour and pick the right company?

According to James, a junior miner must have a combination of excellent geology, strong management skills, and sufficient cash in the bank… James is well-qualified to find you the right stocks that possess these critically important qualities.

If you’re looking for trade ideas and guidance from a true professional who has ‘walked the walk’, check out Mining: Phase One.

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About James Cooper

An experienced geologist, James Cooper spent the 2000s commodities boom working up the exploration ranks from tiny players like Monax Mining…to bigger outfits like Crosslands Resources.
He has since worked for the likes of Equinox Minerals, Northern Star and Dacian — and has witnessed countless changes and developments. With his background in geology and finance, James uses his hard-won knowledge to track down the most exciting opportunities in commodities.

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