Gold Stock Pro

Gold Stock Pro’s aim is to help you make attractive gains, using small amounts of your willing-to-risk capital, trading speculative mining stocks, particularly gold and silver.

It’s high-risk. You could lose some, or all of your investment. But exciting. Fun. And, hopefully, lucrative.

The goal is to sell the stocks editor Brian Chu unearths for many times your initial investment. This could take months or years, across several gold price cycles. The aim is to take some profits along the way, but the big rewards come with patience and tenacity.

Brian is constantly working through his watchlist of potential trades.

He sends readers an alert on the mining stocks that he’s watching if they pass his proprietary stock valuation model.

There’ll likely be at least one new recommendation each month. Sometimes, you can expect two. As and when the gold, silver or other commodity price gathers momentum, there may be multiple trades.

But Gold Stock Pro will only send you directions to trade when the right opportunity comes along.

Each company Brian recommends will come with trade-ready instructions, telling you what price to buy up to, and when to take profits or sell your entire stake.

If a trade doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, he’ll be in touch immediately with instructions on what to do.

In Gold Stock Pro, Brian will do all the hard work for you, explaining everything you need to know to make an informed decision on each trade. You will be using the exact same system Brian developed over many years and has used to build up his own family’s gold fund.

Now its aim is to help you snare big gains from a selection of tiny mining stocks.

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Whenever there’s a trade alert or a necessary update.
How much capital should I have to get started?
5–10% of your speculative capital based on your own risk tolerance.
What will we be recommending?
ASX-listed mining explorers and developers, particularly gold and silver stocks.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
Months or years, across several gold price cycles. The aim is to take some profits along the way.

Brian Chu is one of Australia’s foremost independent authorities on gold and gold stocks, with a unique strategy for valuing big producers and highly speculative explorers. He established a fund that only invests in ASX-listed gold mining companies, possibly the only such fund in Australia, putting his strategy and research skills to the test under public scrutiny.

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