Fat Tail Microcaps

This is a niche trading service for risk-attuned speculators looking for a thrill ride. Editor Murray Dawes is going after tiny ASX stocks with a market capitalisation of less than $500 million. Chasing entry points in the tiniest listed stocks on our market is not for the faint of heart. But at stake is a chance to gain exposure to some of the fastest and most powerful upside you’ll find anywhere.

Who doesn’t like the idea of seeing a 5-centstock they bought going to 10…or even 20 cents? Well, this can and does happen down at the tiny end of the ASX. And more often than you’d think, according to Editor Murray Dawes.

Trading these tiny, risky stocks is what Fat Tail Microcaps is all about…with the goal of leading 500 of our most committed subscribers to several outsized wins that may even make up the lion’s share of their returns.

But…this service is not for the faint of heart. This is speculation. It’s for investors with an adventurous streak…and a head for risk. People who trade stocks that can double in a day also know that they can halve.

So if you’re lucky enough to get a place on the Fat Tail Microcaps service, don’t expect to smash every trade. But DO expect professional trade guidance
and management from a pro trader with close to three decades of experience in the markets.

Murray will give you the entry point…the buy limit…the stop-loss…the initial profit target…and let you know what could go wrong. While the position is open, he will update you with any further action to take…whether that be to take more profit…move your stop-loss…or sell.

It’s our most ambitious, most exciting trading service here at Fat Tail Investment Research. And it gives you the chance to speculate on some of the tiniest, riskiest, fastest-moving stocks in Australia for the chance to make a lot of money…

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Whenever a trading opportunity arises, plus regular contact.
How much capital should I have to get started?
That’s totally up to you, but the minimum trade amount in any ASX stock is $500.
What will we be recommending?
Microcap stocks with a market cap of less than$500 million.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
There’s nothing typical about trading microcaps!
What's the cost of a 12 month subscription?

Murray Dawes is a former Sydney Futures Exchange floor trader. He went on to design custom trading systems and strategies for ultra-wealthy clients (including one of Australia’s richest families). Today his mission is to help ordinary Aussie investors to make profitable investments, while expertly managing risk.

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