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Fat Tail Daily

Most people read the news for information. But information is everywhere. It has little value and exists — as far as we can tell — to make the subject of its headlines feel important.

Fat Tail Daily is not the news. And we don’t publish information. We share ideas, thoughts and insight from the financial markets that you can turn into action that might turn out to be valuable.

After all, despite what the financial industry tells you, there are a lot of different ways to invest and make money.

Many who operate in that business are average people who get paid to usher you into conventional products and funds that do very little but generate fees for them.

This is why we’re not in the money management business.

Discovering the ‘Fat Tail’ Events

We’re on the hunt for events the market hasn’t noticed — those hidden gems.

The things that can make millionaires out of investors who acted on the right idea early enough.

We call these ‘Fat Tail’ events. And that’s where we set our sights as analysts and writers.

Mainly because it’s interesting and different. The stakes feel higher, so it’s exciting. It feels like you’re finding out things that are forbidden or exclusive. And it frees us from the deadly boredom of ‘reporting on the markets’.

Diverse Perspectives, Genuine Value

If you want to know about these kinds of events before they happen, we suggest you look at Fat Tail Daily.

You get an email sent to your inbox every day covering the kinds of ideas that your average newspaper would baulk at publishing.

  • Fringey, specialist tech ideas that could be the next AfterPay or Microsoft…or even the next
  • Cryptocurrencies that might herald the formation of a new financial system and place power and wealth back in the hands of the people…or crash to zero once the hype cycle has run its course…
  • Junior miners that may have just found the next copper motherlode to electrify the world…or just another big patch of dusty ground.
  • Three…four…and five-cent Aussie belters, full of entrepreneurial promise…the promise to double your money in a day — or halve it…
  • The technical signals that mean something and sometimes nothing. A blip. A range. Head and shoulders. A double bottom. When to buy the top and sell the dip…
  • Tales of men in suits who meet in oak-panelled rooms to decide who runs the world. The winners and losers. The stocks to buy and sell. The gold to hoard, the madman in the street with the sandwich board…

We’re not always right about the direction of travel in the markets. Or about those events bubbling up at the fringes.

But we’re not always wrong either.

We are different, though. We think value comes from original thinking. Thinking that’s free from convention and doctrine.

Thinking that’s honest and delivered with conviction — or we don’t publish it.

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