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You are living through the greatest moment in history for breakout technology.

Just look around you. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world everywhere you look.

It’s helping the MI5 and the CIA track down terrorists…acing exams in law and business schools…turbocharging hedge funds to beat the stock market…helping Google diagnose heart conditions…and collaborating with Hollywood writers to craft blockbuster scripts.

In June, Sky News Australia even broadcast a conversation with a ‘free-thinking’ machine.

Even if you haven’t seen the footage, you’ve surely felt the shockwaves AI has sent through the stock market.

Without doubt, the most talked about stock of the year has been Nvidia…

Its high-end chipsets and GPUs are the heart and soul of intelligent machines — and demand is going through the roof.

That’s why Nvidia, a trillion-dollar titan, is delivering results that would even make small caps blush.

But the story doesn’t stop at just one stock. Other AI pioneers like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others led the way in 2023. Just look:

1. Super Micro Computer UP 240%
2. Meta Platforms UP 180%
3. UP 178%
4. Samsara Inc UP 168%
5. AMD UP131%
6. Palo Alto Networks UP 115%
7. Intel UP 82%
8. Alphabet UP 58%
9. Microsoft UP 34%

These are some of the big beasts of the stock market.

But they’re moving like the speculative end of the market.

Dig deeper beyond this first wave, and you’ll find something even more interesting…

Not every AI stock is rising…but there IS a whole universe of world class — yet lesser known — AI stocks just waiting for the spotlight to pick them out.

These are the stocks that will make AI the foundation of everything, from finance to agriculture, energy to transport, construction to manufacturing, banking to mining, and medicine to national security.

Soon, AI will be as ubiquitous as the internet itself. And when the stocks leading this charge punch through, the results could be spectacular.

That means one thing: it’s time to invest for it…and trade it!

This is the first global tech trend that editor Ryan Dinse and tech analyst Charlie Ormond will show you how to position your portfolio for.

Alpha Tech Trader is dedicated to chasing the biggest returns the global tech sector has to offer. The immediate opportunity is in the AI boom — and the second order impact as they arise in the wider tech market.

Investing in tech stocks can be speculative and high risk. But Ryan Dinse and Charie Ormond hunt down these returns wherever they pop up. Large caps. Small caps. Aussie listed. US listed. London listed.

It’s a specialised advisory that focusses on global technology stocks and opportunities. The strategy encompasses two approaches: 1. A forward-looking Core portfolio and 2. A short-term Speculative trading portfolio.

Ryan Dinse is an experienced small-cap trader and expert in cryptocurrencies. He has one of the most impressive track records in our business, for both stocks and cryptos. He first bought bitcoin in 2013. His mission is to help ordinary people lock onto extraordinary trends before they go mainstream.

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