Retirement Trader

Retirement Trader is market veteran Murray Dawes’s unique trading and investing service that trades Aussie stocks using a system honed over two decades.

The service’s approach is to use trading techniques designed to maximise returns in longer-term investments.

Short-term traders and long-term investors will all find value in the disciplined approach to risk management that is at the core of Retirement Trader.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Murray scans the stock market every week searching for trading opportunities.

Once he’s happy with the setup, you’ll receive an email with all the trade-ready details.

From there you’ll get ongoing trade and position management — with guidance on when to take profit out of the trade or exit a losing trade with minimal impact. Along with a wider analysis of all the open positions in the Retirement Trader  portfolio.

On top of this, every two weeks Murray will send you a video analysing the world’s markets and outlining the stocks on his watch lists.

In the years since Murray’s service launched, it has grown a fiercely loyal following and now boasts one of the best trading strike rates in our company.

This is because Murray has worked hard to develop one of the most impressive, most efficient, and best managed systems for trading stocks in any market that we’ve ever seen.

Murray’s advisory is consistently among our top-performing services in terms of strike rate and the average gains versus average losses.

He takes great pride in his track record and has helped his subscribers successfully trade through some extremely tricky market conditions, including the COVID panic, which saw markets crash 36% between February and March 2020.

Murray says the secret to his success is an understanding of ‘widening distributions’ and how price action tends to move within them like a ‘magnet’.

That’s what makes stock price movements more predictable, says Murray, and more tradeable.

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Trades whenever they are triggered, plus regular updates.
How much capital should I have to get started?
That’s totally up to you depending on your risk tolerance, but we would regard $10,000–20,000 as a reasonable starting point.
What will we be recommending?
Mid- and small-cap stocks.
Do you put on short trades?
Yes, when the opportunity arises.
What’s a typical holding period?
Typically 3–6 months, depending on market conditions.

Murray Dawes is a former Sydney Futures Exchange floor trader. He went on to design custom trading systems and strategies for ultra-wealthy clients (including one of Australia’s richest families). Today his mission is to help ordinary Aussie investors to make profitable investments, while expertly managing risk.

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Reviews & Testimonials

‘The weekly [Retirement Trader] market round up video is one of the highlights of my week (I have begun trading for a living this year — 70 years old). Murray's approach to the markets, and his educational videos gave me the confidence to develop my own approach which has been very successful so far. Key pluses are insights into the general world market overview, made concrete each week, and introduction to stocks, sectors and niches that are new to me. I plan to be here for the long term.’

Stephen H

‘Great service and knowledge, backed by best mix of technical and fundamental analysis I've seen. He gives you the tools and ideas not just the tips. Made over 10k easily starting with a small account. Thanks once again.’

Dan Magee

‘I have been a subscriber since the service commenced a couple of years ago. In that time I have been blown away by both the consistency of the stocks Murray selects and the quality of Murray's ongoing mentoring, as he explains every detail of his technical analysis system. A long term and shorter term example from Murray's tips are, WAF where I am up 92% (with 66% profit taken) and more recently DRO where in 8 weeks I am up 39% (with 33% profit taken).’

Paul Hammond

‘[Retirement Trader] offers an outstanding professional service for any share trader or investor. Murray's focus on investor education, technical and fundamental analysis, charting, stock picking, risk management processes leaves no stone unturned to maximize your returns and minimise any losses. As an original subscriber of [Retirement Trader] my returns have been exceptional and I highly recommend this service as a must to any new subscriber.’

Dennis M

‘I have been following Murray's trading service since the beginning, when it was Alpha Wave Trader, and I continue to be impressed by Murray's work. He cares deeply about his subscribers, he teaches them how to trade in his own unique and highly valuable way, he is open, honest and transparent about everything he does. I could not ask for a better mentor. I subscribe to many different services out there, and Murray is at the top of my list. I deeply appreciate his work, his personal integrity, and his care for those who subscribe to his service. I hope that this service will only continue and grow under his supervision. There's no one I would prefer more to have on “my side” than Murray Dawes.’