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YES! I want to access the Fat Tail Capital Solution model portfolio…enjoy a lifetime of benefits and privileges…and never pay an individual subscription fee again

The Fat Tail Capital Solution is a model portfolio. We’ve distilled our best ideas into a single, balanced, curated strategy…
…designed for supreme long-term growth. We’ve put hundreds of open recommendations through a second gruelling selection process… …and boiled them down to a pool of ‘ultimates’ numbering less than 20.

These will have SPECIFIC suggested capital allocations attached to them.


  • No more recommendation overload confusion.
  • No more worrying about the right long-term investing strategy.
  • No more
    just settling for conventional portfolio management…with all its limitations, fees, and bias.
  • No more fretting over how much to put into each stock.


This is a model portfolio that makes life easier, simpler, and less confusing for our highest tier of subscribers.

Our Alliance members.

With the Alliance, you pay a ONE-TIME entry fee which gets you:

  • Everything we publish now…for life. No more renewals.
  • Everything NEW we publish in the future. (Excluding third-party products and ultra-limited memberships.)

In other words…

If you’re a real fan of what we do…this could very well be one of the best investments you will make in your whole life…


If you have two VIP subscriptions with us currently…and you’re planning to renew those this year…it will cost you anywhere in the region of $3,000–6,000 — depending on the service…

If you have three VIP memberships, your renewal dues could be closer to $9,000 this year.

To enquire, call:

1300 308 726

(+61) 3 9115 9000 (INTERNATIONAL)

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You’d pay this same amount again next year…the year after…and every subsequent year you renew your subscriptions.

But with the Alliance, you pay a single fee of $9,999.

‘When I joined, the promise of “free for life” seemed unlikely.
‘But you’ve not only been true to your word, you increased the value of the membership.
‘Truly fabulous service.’

Alliance Member Kim

That’s not $9,999 a year.

That’s a one-time payment.

And it gives you access to everything we publish — including your current subscriptions — FOR LIFE.

As soon as you join the Alliance, here’s what you’ll be stepping into…

Beginning Immediately, You’ll Receive:

Instant and automatic access to the Fat Tail Capital Solution

An exclusive, Alliance-only service that takes the best of everything we do…and concentrates it into one ultimate model portfolio.

It’s headed by Murray Dawes, with input from our senior members of the editorial team. All of our best ideas are in here, selected from our leading publications, with the sole aim of long-term capital growth.

In our model portfolio, you’ll get specific allocations for each recommended company or asset, down to the exact percentage allocation, assuming a hypothetical $1,000,000 investing pot.

This is to show you how you could allocate each position…and allows us to track the overall performance from inception.

Then, each quarter, Murray and Greg will invite you to watch a conference call where they discuss the previous quarter’s changes.

The portfolio visual will clearly lay out everything you need to do…down to suggested percentage amounts to allocate to each share and when to reallocate your gains into a new recommendation. Then you can follow along and implement the trades via your broker. It’s that easy.

Of course, this is just the beginning. You’ll also get…

$30,931 worth of services for a single year.

Locked in for life…for a single $9,999 membership fee.

Also included in your Alliance membership are the following perks and privileges…

A growing stake in our business…

As an Alliance member, your ‘stake’ in our business grows with our business. Remember, your joining fee is a one-off payment, set in stone today, to get everything we publish now and in the future.

The only exception to that is if we find a service that we think will be valuable to you but is not owned by us…or if the service can only warrant a very limited number of members. But in both instances, Alliance members get first perusal.

In 2013, when we first offered readers the chance to join our Alliance, the ‘buy-in’ fee was $3,950. At the time, the seven investment advisory services we published were worth a combined $3,071 in subscription fees each year.

Today, eight years later, we have 19 products and services across both our publishing businesses, with a total annual price tag of $29,432. $30,391 in year one if you add in Catherine Cashmore’s standalone property course, Real Estate Wealth.

Alliance members have not paid a single extra cent to add subsequent services to their memberships over the years. Their ‘stake’ in our business has grown from that initial investment…as will yours.

The Alliance Legacy Program

As an Alliance member, you can bequeath your membership to your spouse or child in your will — even a grandchild, if you wish.

It can be passed on as many times as you like, so that the people dearest to you can enjoy all the benefits of Alliance membership for years and generations to come.

Blackbook Wine partnership

This is a brand-new privilege for Alliance members. Blackbook do wine like we do investing, which makes them a perfect partner for our Alliance.

Personal sommelier and wine concierge services…curated wine packs…vintages the ‘big guys’ can’t access…and wine investment done right.

You’ll love what we’ve set up with these guys for Alliance members. And get used to seeing bottles of Australian and international icons — and a few undiscovered gems — at our future events.

Talking of which…

Priority access to events and member discounts

We’ve held conferences with speakers of the calibre of Steve Keen, Dr Marc Faber, Jim Rickards, Satyajit Das, Richard Duncan, Bill Bonner, John Robb, and the great Jim Rogers.

Alliance members not only get pre-sale access to conference tickets (which are tightly limited), but they also get a special discount that isn’t open to regular readers. We have also held cocktail receptions and evening events in Melbourne for Alliance members only. Once we’re through this pandemic, you can expect our events calendar to resume…

And then there’s this popular one with Alliance members…

Way less advertising!

When you join our Alliance, we will no longer send you email advertising for any of our paid products and services. There’s no point! Since you’ll be getting everything anyway.

The only two exceptions are mentioned above. Third-party joint ventures, which are very rare. We’ll ask for your permission before we advertise those to you.

And ultra-limited memberships. For example, a service where subscriber numbers have to be limited because of the size of the stocks traded. On this occasion, we will ask you to ‘opt in’ if you wish to receive promotional material pertaining to this service. And you’ll get first dibs and the best deal as an Alliance member.

And you may well wish to use this final benefit, starting tomorrow…

Your Dedicated Alliance Concierge

Suddenly, having the motherlode on tap can be a bit daunting at first.

You’ll have Mikyla…your dedicated Alliance Concierge…to help you settle in and answer any questions…and be a constant support during your membership so you’re always getting the most out of it. Feel free to give her a call tomorrow so she can help you make the best out of the treasure trove now at your disposal…

To Recap: Join Our Alliance Today and Get…

  • Access to the Fat Tail Capital Solution model portfolio and current subscriptions for life
  • No more annual renewals for individual subscriptions you currently hold
  • Every other newsletter and trading service we currently publish — for as long as we publish them, with no ongoing individual renewal charges…
  • Future new services we launch (with the two exceptions above) will be automatically added to your Alliance membership, again for life and for no extra cost (allowing your stake in our business to grow)…
  • PLUS, 48-hour pre-sale access to future investment conferences…special discounts…Alliance-only events…the legacy program…and more.

All for a one-time upgrade payment of $9,999. Your only ongoing charge is a maintenance fee of $499 a year, which covers operational and customer service costs for these publications. It also allows us to invest in your membership to make it better and attract new talent and expertise into our business, which further benefits Alliance offerings.

However, you won’t start paying this maintenance fee until year two of your new Alliance membership.

Remember, if you wanted to take out a subscription to all of our services individually, across Fat Tail Investment Research, for just the next year alone, it would cost you $30,931.

With your Alliance membership, you pay less. To get more.

Way more.

And you only pay to join once.

Even when you factor in the $499 annual maintenance fee, look at the value you’re accruing over time…

2022 1 $9,999 $30,391 $20,932
2023 2 $499 $60,363 $49,865
2024 3 $499 $89,795 $78,798
2025 4 $499 $119,227 $107,731
2026 5 $499 $148,659 $136,664
2027 6 $499 $178,091 $165,597
2028 7 $499 $207,523 $194,530
2029 8 $499 $236,955 $223,463
2030 9 $499 $266,387 $252,396
2031 9 $499 $295,819 $281,329

There’s no greater value to be found anywhere else in our business.

If this looks like a no-brainer to you, simply call our Alliance member
services to join during office hours…

1300 308 726

(+61) 3 9115 9000 (INTERNATIONAL)

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Greg Canavan is the Editorial Director of Fat Tail Investment Research and Editor of our flagship investment letter, Fat Tail Investment Advisory. Over the last 20 years, Greg has developed a unique investment philosophy that embraces a simple yet profound idea: that you don’t have to take big risks to make big returns.

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Murray Dawes is a former Sydney Futures Exchange floor trader. He went on to design custom trading systems and strategies for ultra-wealthy clients (including one of Australia’s richest families). Today his mission is to help ordinary Aussie investors to make profitable investments, while expertly managing risk.

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