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The Ultimate
Fat Tail Membership

Take your investing to the highest level
and ensure you never miss one of our ideas

Greg Canavan
Editorial Director

Fat Tail Alliance is our top tier of membership.

As an Alliance member, you’ll get everything we publish now…for the life of each respective publication. No more individual renewals. And you’ll also get every NEW eligible publication we publish too.

If you’re a real fan of what we do…this could very well be one of the best investments you will ever make.

It’s a LIFETIME membership.

As an Alliance member, your ‘stake’ in our business grows with our business. Your joining fee is a one-off payment that gets you everything we publish now and in the future.

The only exceptions to that is if we find a service that we think will be valuable to you but is not owned by us…or if the service can only warrant a very limited number of members.

The only ongoing cost to Alliance members is a small annual maintenance fee, payable from year two onwards.

In 2013, when we first offered readers the chance to join our Alliance, the ‘buy-in’ fee was $3,950. At the time, the seven investment advisory services we published were worth a combined $3,071 in subscription fees each year.

Today, we have many more products and services across our business, with a total annual price tag of more than $20,000.

Alliance members have not paid any additional joining fees to add subsequent services to their memberships over the years. Their ‘stake’ in our business has grown from that initial investment…as will yours.

What you’ll get

Take out a no-obligation subscription to
Alliance today and receive...
A one-time subscription payment
for EVERY eligible service

With the Alliance, you pay a single joining fee of $9,999.That’s not $9,999 a year. That’s a one-time subscription payment. And it gives you access to every eligible service we publish — including your current subscriptions — FOR the LIFE of each respective service.

Here’s a list of every eligible service we currently publish:

Australian Small-Cap Investigator AU$199
Diggers and Drillers AU$199
Strategic Intelligence Australia AU$199
Fat Tail Investment Advisory AU$499
The Australian Gold Report – Premium AU$499
Alpha Tech Trader AU$1,999
Gold Stock Pro AU$2,999
Retirement Trader AU$2,999
Crypto Capital Premium AU$3,499
Small-Cap Systems AU$3,499
Mining Phase One AU$3,999
Total $20,589
Fat Tail Alliance

(one-time payment plus annual fee of $499)


Alliance Legacy Program

As an Alliance member, you can bequeath your membership to your spouse or child in your will — even a grandchild, if you wish.

It can be passed on as many times as you like so that the people dearest to you can enjoy all the benefits of Alliance membership for years and generations to come.

Priority access to events and member discounts

We’ve held conferences with speakers of the calibre of Steve Keen, Dr Marc Faber, Jim Rickards, Satyajit Das, Richard Duncan, Bill Bonner, John Robb, and the great Jim Rogers.

Alliance members not only get pre-sale access to conference tickets (which are tightly limited), but they also get a special discount that isn’t open to regular readers. We have also held cocktail receptions and evening events in Melbourne for Alliance members only.

About Greg Canavan

Leading the Alliance is Greg Canavan, the editorial director of Fat Tail Investment Research.
Greg — a student of the financial markets for more than 20 years — is a master at deciphering price signals in a world of mainstream noise…and leading you to exciting investment opportunities many would rule out. Join him and the team as you embark on your journey as an Alliance member.

Start your journey as an
Alliance member today

Become an Alliance member today for a one-time subscription payment of $9,999.

Your only ongoing charge is a yearly maintenance fee of $499, which covers operational and customer service costs for the various publications.

It also allows us to invest in your membership by continuing to improve the Alliance offerings.

You won’t start paying this maintenance fee until year two of your new Alliance membership.

Annual Plan

$9,999 (one-time subscription payment)

Billed as a one-time subscription payment of $9,999

Publication Overview

Every eligible newsletter and trading service we currently publish — for as long as we publish them — with no ongoing individual renewal charges. *excludes limited intake memberships or third party services.

They’ll be bundled into your Alliance membership. There’ll be no more annual renewals for individual subscriptions you currently hold.

Future new eligible services we launch will be automatically added to your Alliance membership — for life and for no extra cost.

That’s totally up to you.