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For generations, gold was real money. It made empires rich and powerful. An empire or nation’s fortunes rose and fell with their gold holdings. Today, many have lost this knowledge, condemning themselves to a life of indebtedness and servitude. Join us here at The Australian Gold Report to reclaim your liberty and build your wealth. Not just with precious metals bars and coins, but with precious metals stocks to potentially multiply the gains on gold and silver.

Brian Chu
Editor, The Australian Gold Report – PREMIUM

There’s never been a better time, in Brian Chu’s opinion, to have some exposure to the gold market.

Every week, we’re facing a barrage of alarming news, and the situation is only intensifying.

From market crashes, to escalating wars, to the emergence of even deadlier diseases…

The world seems to be spiralling into chaos.

As the system decays and more people become aware of its flaws, it’s crucial to protect your wealth.

Now, Brian doesn’t recommend you take everything out of the markets, stock up on gold bullion, and run for the hills…

He’ll show you a strategy for building long-term wealth with a select portfolio of hand-picked stocks, chosen for their balance of risk and reward, in his analysis.

There are no guarantees of course. Gold stocks are inherently risky. And they can go down in price for long periods before turning back up, or they may not go back up at all.

But if you stick with Brian’s system and buy into strong companies with beaten-down prices, it could make a huge impact on your trading account when gold turns around.

The Australian Gold Report portfolio will usually contain around 10 recommendations, weighted towards bigger producers. But it can also include anything from late-stage developers to precious metals ETFs, or even physical bullion.

With this core portfolio approach, you’ll be well placed to adapt to any market conditions…from targeting individual stocks, to riding the anticipated gold bull market, to playing it defensively, if the market calls for it.

If you’re patient, and you understand how to play various market conditions, you can have a field day when gold really takes off.

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About Brian Chu

Since early 2017, Brian has been steadily building his own database containing the operational, financial and metallurgic information of various ASX-listed gold mining companies. In late 2018, he wrote valuation and SWOT analysis reports for several of these companies and posted them online.
After that, Brian established The Australian Gold Fund, his private family investment fund, which is possibly the only 100%-gold equity fund in Australia today.

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ASX-listed mining explorers and developers, particularly gold and silver stocks.


Months or years, across several gold price cycles. The aim is to take some profits along the way.