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Charlie Ormond

Charlie Ormond is a financial analyst and writer specialising in emerging trends within tech stocks.

Before his tenure at Fat Tail Investment Research, Charlie was entrenched in the realm of fintech start-ups, where he explored novel financial products. He also had the privilege of developing cutting-edge Machine Learning courses for the tech giant Microsoft.

These experiences bolstered his knowledge and ignited his passion for exploring the intricacies of finance and the transformative potential of artificial intelligence.

As an early cryptocurrency adopter and longtime investor, Charlie has never shied away from delving into nascent sectors to unlock notable returns. He thrives on identifying investment opportunities within these youthful domains, often reaping substantial rewards by staying at the forefront of emerging trends.


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    Alpha Tech Trader is dedicated to chasing the biggest returns the global tech sector has to offer. The immediate opportunity is in the AI boom — and the second order impact as they arise in the wider tech market.

    Ryan Dinse and Charie Ormond hunt down these returns wherever they pop up. Large caps. Small caps. Aussie listed. US listed. London listed.

    They follow the opportunity wherever it takes them…and show you how to trade it.

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