Brian Chu

Brian started out teaching higher education actuarial studies, statistics, finance, accounting, economics, and risk management.

This gave him a theoretical understanding of the foundations of the financial markets and taught him how to analyse a wide range of data.

While in academia, Brian invested his savings into the financial markets. Over a number of years he made some gains but gave a lot of it back.

However, in early 2013, his fortunes changed…

Meeting an old primary school friend one April morning after church, Brian’s eyes were opened to the TRUE world of central banking. Brian saw how government and institutions always act in their own interest at the expense of the general population — including him.

And so began an odyssey of deeper research you’ll never learn at any university…

He discovered the works of gold market veterans from Mike Maloney to Tekoa Da Silva, to Peter Schiff, Rick Rule, and Eric Sprott. With their guidance he invested and endured the brutal 2013–14 gold bear market. It taught him a lot.

In the years after, not only did he recoup his past losses, he accumulated sufficient funds to allow him to pursue investing as more than just a side hobby.

Since early 2017, Brian has been steadily building his own database containing the operational, financial and metallurgic information of various ASX-listed gold mining companies. In late 2018, he wrote valuation and SWOT analysis reports for several of these companies and posted them online via stock discussion forums.

After that, Brian established The Australian Gold Fund, which is possibly the only 100%-gold equity fund in Australia today.


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    Fat Tail Daily is your insightful and entertaining daily look at the chaos and opportunities created by a world gone mad.

  • The Australian Gold Report - PREMIUM

    Brian Chu is the founder of The Australian Gold Fund — the only private family investment fund, to our knowledge, focused solely on ASX-listed gold stocks.

    Investing in gold stocks can be a rollercoaster ride, with the potential for them to fall just as quickly as they can rise.

    But the beauty of gold stocks is that if you do it carefully, rather than just taking a punt on any old miner, the rewards can be life changing.

    Brian will show you a strategy for building long-term wealth with a select portfolio of hand-picked stocks, chosen for their balance of risk and rewards.

    If you’re patient, and you understand that fortunes can be made in bear markets, you can have a field day when gold really takes off.

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    For the first time ever, editor Brian Chu shares his proprietary ‘hard money’ stock trading system — based on the famous Lassonde Curve model, which tracks the life cycle of mining stocks.

    His aim is to help you get ready to trade the next phase of gold and silver’s anticipated longer-term bull market for substantial profits.