FTC – The Under 500 Project – Video 2

Publisher’s note: If you missed the first video in this series, go here…The Most Exciting Stocks You’ve Never Heard of

Part Two: Taming Risk, Chasing Reward

Dear Microcap Hunter,

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s session with Murray. The main man is back today with more insight into this exciting, fast-paced, risky corner of the ASX.

Remember — Thursday is the big day…and there are only 500 places available in our new trading initiative.

So, if you’re interested, do what you can to be there. Stick a post-it note to your kettle. Write it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror. Position several alarm clocks strategically around your house (without causing a trip hazard). Whatever it takes!

Click the thumbnail below to watch the second video in our primer series: ‘Taming Risk, Chasing Reward’.

In today’s video, you’ll learn:

  • The magic of ‘microcaps’: What gives these pocket-rocket stocks their unique power?
  • Microcap trades in motion: Watch as Murray demonstrates how his system finds entry points in tiny stocks…and manages risk while the trade is live…
  • Why this is not for the fainthearted: The risks you need to know about — and embrace — before you trade microcap stocks with Murray’s help…
  • The tried and tested trading strategy that allows you to shoot for huge gains: Once you’ve established that, you’re ‘right’ in the trade…

I’ll be back again, same time tomorrow, with part three in our primer series…all gearing up to the big event!


Simon Sig

Simon Munton,

Host, The Under 500 Project