The Rum Rebellion

The Rum Rebellion’s particular mix of money, economics, stock markets and political issues is — we think — unique in Australia. It’s certainly not something you can find in the mainstream media, and we hope you’ll find it of value.

Editors Greg Canavan, Vern Gowdie and Selva Freigedo comment on the nexus between money, stocks, politics and economics. Most importantly, they’re behind the wheel of a publication with a uniquely Australian voice. As the name suggests, The Rum Rebellion is exactly that.

It’ll take a critical look at the Aussie economy to get an idea of how we got to be in today’s fragile economic state.

Successive governments have sold off our critical assets while abetting a property bubble that is now unravelling. Our economy is at the greatest risk it has been in decades. And with politics in a deplorable state, there is an absence of leadership to get us through what will be a difficult few years.

They also wanted to rebel against the left-leaning, politically correct views that saturate much of Australia’s media coverage these days.

The Rum Rebellion is a libertarian voice and believes in free speech, individual freedom, and personal responsibility.

While your editors will take aim at fake news, phoneys and fraudsters, their main mission is to talk money and stocks. If you manage your own portfolio, or just want to take a greater interest in the world of money, The Rum Rebellion will become an indispensable daily companion.

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Markets, finance, and politics through an Australian economic lens.
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