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The Insider gives subscribers the virtual ‘keys to the office’ so you have an inside view of the most important news, ideas, and opportunities our editorial team follows each week.

Each Monday and Wednesday, you’ll hear from Editorial Director Greg Canavan, with analysis and insight on a range of investment issues from Australia and around the world. Each Friday, you’ll hear from our Group Publisher James ‘Woody’ Woodburn. He’ll use this time to have key talks and discussions with our key editors and gurus and bring you into the conversation by answering your questions and feedback head-on.

Think of it as an ongoing communiqué…or company memo…to you, our paying customer. When we think we’ve hit upon a good idea, we’ll share it with you in The Insider — hopefully in a way that helps you feel a part of the discussion.

Nothing is off-limits…as long as it’s interesting, useful and potentially profitable to you.

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Nothing is off-limits.
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