Exponential Stock Investor

This is not an ordinary time to be an investor. We are at the dawn of the ‘collision age’. Where technologies and trends are intersecting at breakneck speed…and with huge long-term consequences. As such, Exponential Stock Investor is not your average stock-tipping service. It’s more an expedition into a world of extraordinary companies on the verge of exponential growth.

Disruption, reinvention, and technological leaps forward have always been a part of human advancement. The difference now is the exponential pace at which these collisions are occurring. The knock-on effects will be bigger than you imagine. The possibilities — and profit opportunities — are manifold. But different rules now apply to finding stock opportunities at the vanguard. The old rules of small-cap stock investing only take you so far.

Editors Ryan Dinse and Ryan Clarkson-Ledward don’t make stock recommendations lightly. Every play is operating in a field or industry that’s going through an evolutionary or disruptive step change.

This is ‘change-the-world’ investing, at the ground level.

Take Google, for example. It was an internet search engine operating at the dawn of the world wide web. In the same way Amazon was in the relatively new field of e-commerce.

They didn’t start out as the huge companies that are part of everyday life today. They started out as tiny tech firms. Their growth has been exponential. So have the gains in their stock prices.

Those are the kinds of stocks Exponential Stock Investor looks for. Those operating at the outset of exponential trends, with the potential to make exponential gains. Our editors operate on the ‘10x rule’. Meaning they don’t touch companies that they can’t see making 10 times your money at least — no guarantees with such risky stocks, of course, but that’s the aim with each recommendation.

Now, this is easier said than done. As you can imagine, not too many stocks meet that first criterion. And even those that do carry no guarantee of success. Events that cause market volatility can severely impact small-cap stocks, as has been the case with some of our editor’s picks.

To be clear, this is not about looking for stocks just because they look ‘cheap’…or they’re paying a good dividend.

Though such factors might be considered, the overwhelming criteria for selection has to be the ability to grow market share or profits fast.

The fact is that most small-cap stocks don’t meet these qualifying criteria…because most stocks don’t have exponential potential within them. Even if they’re good in other ways.

The subset of stocks Exponential Stock Investor hunts down must be forging or riding exponential trends. Even better if they operate at the convergence of two or more trends. When these trends collide and converge, this change is not just potentially valuable at the point of impact, but also in the aftermath of the collision.

Think about Apple getting into the personal device and mobile phone business right at the point internet speeds were getting faster and data was getting cheaper…and its shares shooting up more than 10,000% from 2004 to 2018…

Think about Facebook’s social media platform colliding with the trend in big advertising data — and its share price rocketing up by more than 1,600% since its post-IPO low to today…

Think about Netflix launching an on-demand video streaming service just as the broadband boom was taking off…and posting monster share gains of more than 8,700% in less than a decade…

Exponential Stock Investor aims to find these ‘trend collisions’ and show you the lucrative opportunities that often accompany them.

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
How much capital should I have to get started?
You don’t need a lot of starting capital to take advantage of the recommendations. However, the precise amount will vary on the individual. Either way, this service is for a small portion of your speculative capital that you are willing to lose if the worst happens.
What will we be recommending?
Selective small-cap stocks within industries going through high-impact, disruptive changes.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
Minimum 12 months, but generally 2–3 years.

Ryan Dinse is an experienced small-cap trader and expert in cryptocurrencies. He has one of the most impressive track records in our business, for both stocks and cryptos. He first bought bitcoin in 2013. His mission is to help ordinary people lock onto extraordinary trends before they go mainstream.

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Ryan Clarkson-Ledward has a passion for market dynamics. He spends his days tracking and analysing some of the smallest, newest, and brightest companies on the ASX. If you’re bored of blue chips, worried about a sideways market, and looking to add excitement and risk to your portfolio, Ryan’s your man.

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Reviews & Testimonials

‘The thought leadership on emerging trends in areas such as big data and renewables, plus identifying potential winning companies in those areas and how to trade them, all combines to provide a top shelf research service at a budget level price. Now that's what I call value.’

John K

‘I truly value Ryan's insights, and extensive research into “what's happening out there”. I have made gains (from Ryan's various recommendations) ranging from 35% to 900% and am holding long-term on some others. A huge thank you from a tiny fish like me. Recommend this service for everyone.’


‘I’ve made over 100% on my overall portfolio in the last 12 months which has put my retirement back on track. Thanks Ryan!’


‘Exponential Stock Investor is so amazing. I have made so much money (five and ten folds) in the stocks recommended by Ryan Dinse and Lachlann Tierney. Ryan and Lachlann do an incredible amount of research before they recommend the next big idea that could take off exponentially. Exponential Stock Investor is the best investment that I have subscribed to as regards the gains that I have made on the investment and value for money. I prefer to buy stocks and hold on to them for a period of time and Exponential Stock Investor suits my style of investing. Well done to Ryan and Lachlann. Keep it up. :)’


‘I actually think Ryan and Lachlann's blood is worth bottling! I've been using some of Port Phillip's advisories for quite a while now, but Expo ticks all my boxes. Some of the gains have evaporated recently but include AXE +370%, BRN +387%, HZR +102%, TLG +137% at the moment.’