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The Daily Reckoning Australia — or the ‘DR’, as it’s affectionately known — has been in the business of independent financial forecasting since 1999.

Ever since then, the aim has been to look at and study the world and markets, and to give you our best guess as to where they’re headed. Forecasting booms, busts, and bad endings on your behalf.

And all with a certain flair. The DR can be irreverent, ironic, and even a bit naughty on occasion. If we can bring a slight grin to your face while giving you those critical insights you won’t find anywhere else…we consider it a good day’s work.

No one idea is sacred. We won’t hesitate to point a mocking finger at the fraudulent, numbskull ideas of the world, no matter how rich and powerful their source.

This is how we’ve gone about our business over the last 18 years. We work hard to make our daily reckoning reads as entertaining and informative as possible.

Our Australian-based team, including Callum Newman, Brian Chu, Jim Rickards, Catherine Cashmore and Nick Hubble, draws on our extensive global network of leading minds in publishing, mining, oil services, finance, banking, genetics, economics and government.

But you won’t find all of their analysis in one daily email.

Instead, you’ll find our most interesting investment idea for the day, along with any worthy insights from our cast of characters. Everything from the RBA’s next rate cut (or hike, although that looks ever unlikely)…to the future of energy…gold…land and property markets, and much more.

We know that the world of money isn’t just bankers and stock market moves. Or energy and technology. Or gold and property. It’s all of these pieces together that make up the larger story.

Our goal at The Daily Reckoning Australia is to help put the often confusing (and infuriating) world of finance into context…to help you connect the dots between your bank account, the market, and the decisions made in Canberra and elsewhere around the world.

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How often is this service published?
Six days a week, Monday to Saturday.
What topics are covered?
Gold, market cycles, geopolitics, and macroeconomics.
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Free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
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