Revolutionary Tech Investor

The idea behind Revolutionary Tech Investor is simply this:

You’re living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history.

A time where ‘incurable’ diseases will be eradicated, where scarcity and famine disappear forever, where energy is clean, abundant and free…and where human beings finally take to the stars and really begin to explore and settle our solar system. This is a world most people don’t see coming. A world that proves today — far from being a time to be fearful — is actually an amazing time to be alive. And not only that, it will also herald the greatest creation of wealth in human history.

Revolutionary Tech Investor aims to help you claim a slice of that wealth.

Edited by Australian technology expert Sam Volkering, this project is dedicated to finding the best ways to profit from emerging technological developments across the globe.

It’s Sam’s job to find, research and recommend investments in the world’s most innovative tech companies.

We know of no other investment advisory in Australia that looks at the global technology sector and the latest innovations with the same exciting perspective as Revolutionary Tech Investor.

Innovative technology stocks can be highly risky, so never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Publication overview
How often is this service published?
Regular stock tips (when Sam identifies suitable opportunities) and weekly updates.
How much capital should I have to get started?
That’s totally up to you depending on your risk tolerance for speculative investing.
What will we be recommending?
Australian and international stocks.
Do you put on short trades?
What’s a typical holding period?
3-plus years.

Sam Volkering’s investing talents lie in uncovering, researching, and investigating the world’s most revolutionary technology companies and trends before they hit it big. He predicted the rise of 3D printing, the arrival of augmented reality, and most notably, the incredible shift to self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

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