Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer began as a financial adviser with Wall Street investment bank, Dean Witter Reynolds, in 1993. After Dean Witter merged with Morgan Stanley, he became a manager in the Morgan Stanley system.

Around the turn of the millennium, he met a software engineer who had developed one of the first algorithmic-based trading programs. The markets were getting crushed thanks to the dotcom crash, but these new systems were making money.

That prompted Tom to leave Wall Street. He began collaborating with his software contacts and others who believed that sophisticated algorithms were the future of trading stocks.

One of these collaborations led to the development of a program available only on Bloomberg’s network for investment banks and institutional traders (Tom still supplies research to Bloomberg each week). And another brought Tom into our world.

This is a genuine coup. Not only have we worked with Tom to develop his algorithm and make it available in Australia for the first time…but we’re making it available to private retail Aussie investors like you.


  • Algo Trend Trader

    With Algo Trend Trader, you trade 11 markets, once a week, every Monday morning before the ASX opens.

    Your action is determined by whether our proprietary algorithm says that particular stock or market is in a bullish, bearish or neutral condition. You buy, short, or stay in cash accordingly.

    According to lead analyst, former Morgan Stanley VP Tom Meyer, the aim is to keep you on the right side of the trend in these markets — to ride stocks to their peaks and either short or avoid the troughs — and get a genuine institution-like edge in your own private trading.