Peter ‘Chewie’ Bakker

Peter ‘Chewie’ Bakker describes himself as a ‘financial engineer’. It all stemmed from when he tried to build an algorithm based on his F-16 pilot dad’s brain (he was also a successful investor).

Since then, he’s had an eventful life. He had a stint in the Army in his native Holland. He was awarded an MA in Sociology. He’s worked for Google, Mydeco, Target, and Sensis. And he’s been a successful entrepreneur in his own right. All the while developing hundreds of trading algorithms to manage his family’s money.


  • First-Mover Algo Alert

    With First-Mover Algo Alert there is no trading hundreds of stocks, no shorting the market and zero guesswork.

    Just two ticker symbols that take the chaos and confusion out of the financial markets…and turn it into understandable, tradeable orders.

    This is what First-Mover Algo Alert is all about. It’s a system coded and developed by ‘financial engineer’ Peter Bakker, also known by his trading pseudonym, ‘Chewie’.

    Chewie’s algorithm measures the long-term health of the economy via the copper/gold ratio…against the short-term price of risk via what market makers are paying for their hedge positions, to give you an idea of the current ‘health’ of the market.

    You simply balance your capital between stocks or bonds accordingly via two, simple-to-trade ETFs.