Callum Newman

Callum Newman originally studied Communications (Journalism) before deciding financial markets were far more fascinating than anything Marshall McLuhan ever came up with.

Ever since, he’s been studying to discover why stock, commodity, currency and real estate markets move like they do.

Between 2014 and 2016, he launched Cycles, Trends & Forecasts and Time Trader with the preeminent economist and author Phillip J Anderson.

In 2015, he created The Newman Show Podcast, tapping his network of contacts, including investing legend Jim Rogers, plus best selling authors Jim Rickards, George Friedman, and Richard Maybury.

He also launched the hugely popular daily Money Morning Trader service, profiling the hottest stocks on the ASX each trading day.

Today, he helms the ultra-fast-paced stock trading service Catalyst Trader and co-edits Cycles, Trends & Forecasts.


  • Cycles, Trends & Forecasts

    Cycles, Trends & Forecasts is the original Australian advisory letter to use the long-studied 18.6-year real estate cycle to drive its financial and investment analysis.

    It’s headed up by Catherine Cashmore, one of Australia’s foremost experts on land and real estate here at home and also in the UK and the US. This is based chiefly on her knowledge and understanding of the cycle.

    Together with stock market expert Callum Newman, Catherine shows you not only how to interpret the cycle as it turns but how to invest to take advantage of it.

  • Daily Reckoning Australia

    The Daily Reckoning Australia — or the ‘DR’, as it’s affectionately known — has been in the business of independent financial forecasting since 1999.

    Ever since then, the aim has been to look at and study the world and markets, and to give you our best guess as to where they’re headed. Forecasting booms, busts, and bad endings on your behalf.

    And all with a certain flair. The DR can be irreverent, ironic, and even a bit naughty on occasion. If we can bring a slight grin to your face while giving you those critical insights you won’t find anywhere else…we consider it a good day’s work.

  • Catalyst Trader

    If you’ve ever seen or heard about a small-cap stock rising 10%, 20%, 30%, even 50% in a day, it likely came off the back of the release of great news.

    The fact is hundreds of these announcements happen every single day. And when they do, they can bring powerful momentum and volume into individual stocks…and create tradeable opportunities.

    It could be a profit upgrade, a significant resource discovery, a successful drug trial, new client wins — anything that raises the expected profit or growth of the stock.

    But you must have your position in the stock before any announcement hits the market. That’s where Callum comes in. His service is designed to identify which stock to buy, when to buy, what to pay, and when to sell.